Starting a YouTube Channel

Launching August 19th

I have decided to jump into the YouTube realm for the simple fact that there is no way I can write about everything that goes on in my head. There are so many words bottled up inside me and as I try to find the right ones to blog, I often ask myself “Wouldn’t this be better if you just made a video?”

So I started recording videos on the topics I write about and I must say, it is not as easy as I thought. I don’t even know why I thought it would be easy. I remember doing radio in college shoutout to GoodKnocking and remember putting in so much effort in making outlines and then going LIVE.

With that being said, this time tomorrow, I will premiere my first two videos on YouTube. Please support me by liking, commenting, and sharing what you see. I am open to constructive feedback and cannot wait to share with you what I have.

My topics focus on: surviving high school, college and career readiness, mental health, travelling, fitness, and more.

Visit this link now to subscribe and set up a notification reminder for when it goes LIVE.

Thanks in advance for the support,


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