Turks and Caicos Trip RECAP

Hey you guys!

New Friends

So let’s get straight to it. As you may or may not know, I recently went on a trip to Turks and Caicos with my cousins to celebrate those of us born in August. I absolutely loved it and have so much to share.


We traveled out of Fort Lauderdale with JetBlue. It is hard for me to give you an accurate idea of the cost because my cousins used their points for the trip and one of them shared her points with me and I paid the additional taxes/fees to that flight which all totaled $240. The flight was almost two hours long. There is only ONE flight in and ONE flight out per day with JetBlue.


Initially, we did not plan on getting a rental car but it made sense to because the taxis are crazy expensive. So my cousin found a rental car on Avis for $270 and we split that 4 ways making it $67.50 per person. One thing to note, my cousin informed me that when we went to pick up the car, Avis put a $500 hold on her credit card so be sure to account for that if you plan on doing the same thing because that can definitely catch you by surprise. I do want to point out that some of the cars have the steering wheel on the left side while others have the steering wheel on the right YET everybody drives on the left side of the road (which is different for those used to driving in USA).


We stayed in an AirBnB at Queen Angel Resort & Condo. It was a fully furnished and stocked one bedroom one bathroom condo. Everything about the apartment was great from the informational packet the host left for us to review (including WiFi password, code to get in the gym, etc) to the distance from the local grocery store and downtown area. It was very spacious for 4 people and not once did I feel like we were on top of each other. The total cost for 5 days and 4 nights (Aug 22nd – 26th) was $660 and we split 4 ways making it $165 per person.

Excursions (Things To Do)

I think the best way for me to break everything down is breaking down what we did each day.

Day 1 (Thursday)

  • Grocery Shopping at Graceway IGA Supermarket
    • SUPER FRICKIN EXPENSIVE!!! Like, this place makes Whole Foods and Publix look like Dollar Tree. My advice, write a list of exactly what you want BEFORE you head over there and try to buy items that will last long so you are not trying to find something different to cook everyday. 
  • Fish Fry at Bight Park 7pm-10pm
    • THE WHOLE COUNTRY COMES OUT!!! They have a Fish Fry every Thursday that has vendors selling food, clothes, and knick knacks. They even have food trucks out there too. I recommend eating at Kool Runnings tent because they had the best mac & cheese on the island. My advice, purchase your souvenirs here because this is the cheapest place you will find them. There is a band playing live music and then you have the Junkanoo Band there to close it out. We got there pretty late, like about 9pm-ish so we did not do much but it was definitely a vibe.

Day 2 (Friday)

  • Grace Bay Beach
    • It is located near the port and open to the public but the activities and stuff there are for the guests who stay at the hotels on the beach. We tried to see the process of getting a day pass but that was a no deal. Great spot to go and take pictures. 
  • Bugaloos Conch Crawl
    • So this is the spot that has the tables out in the water and you sit and eat out there. However, when we went, the tide was so high that you could not even see the tables and they won’t let you sit to eat out there. So we settled with just eating at the tables on the sand (restaurant patio deck) instead. They had music playing so it was a nice vibe. The water was covered with seaweed so it was not the best place to take pictures so if I ever go back there, I have to do another visit.
    • This place was not vegetarian friendly and their drink menu is bigger than their food menu. The prices were fair I guess (fair meaning what I expected to pay now that I know everywhere is expensive lol). 
  • Hide Away Bar & Grill
    • Small little hole in the wall directly behind our AirBnb that DID NOT have the best food. We ordered rice, mac & cheese, fish, jerk chicken. No one liked their food except my cousin who had the jerk chicken. The rice was not cooked and the mac & cheese was worse than a Kraft box. Like, I was disgusted. Definitely would not recommend.
  • Paparazzi Sushi Bar & Night Club
    • This is located directly behind our AirBnB. Entry was $10 but we got in free because we met the bartenders at the restaurant across the street and they invited us. It looks beautiful on the inside. Great music but when we went that night, it was dead. We got there at about 10-11pm and we were the only ones there. Apparently, this club is the only one on the island that is open until 4am. We ended up only staying there for like 20-30 minutes before we headed out to the next location.
  • Club 809 Bar Lounge
    • This was probably the furthest location we drove thus far because we did not know where we were going, so we had to follow some new friends that we made to get there. Entry was $10 but we got in free because our new friends paid for us. We got there at about midnight. It had maybe 20 people there in total so it was dead too. It’s funny because they kept telling us that more people will come later but they never did lol. This place did not look as good as Paparazzi but the music was on point here. So we stayed here until I was literally, falling asleep in the club, and that was about 2-2:30am. 

Day 3 (Saturday)

  • Parasailing (met at Bight Park)
    • So initially, we were supposed to go parasailing with this company for $75 per person (4 people). However, the friends we made on the first night was able to give us a better deal – 3 for $65, 1 person free. So we just split the cost 4 ways making it $48.75 per person. NOT BAD! If you are a great salesperson, you probably could finesse a deal like this too, or even a better one. I do not have the contact info of the friend we made (long story behind that).
    • Parasailing itself was wonderful. You can go with two people or solo. You are about 500ft in the air with a phenomenal view of the island. You are up there for I believe 8-12 minutes. They picked us up in their boat at Bight Park but I believe they can go to where you are if you are on a beach.
  • Rickie’s Flamingo Cafe
    • We found out about this place when the captain on our boat stopped here to get food. We did not know that until he came back to the boat with food and by that time, we had to go. So we looked up the address and drove over there. Great spot to eat on the beach. Nice little menu. I did not hear complaints about the food from anyone except I was not a fan of my cheese quesadilla. It was legit a tortilla with cheese. It sounds crazy but that is not what I am used to. I could have made that in my microwave. 
  • Paparazzi
    • We went back to Paparazzi that night because we missed dinner taking so long to get ready 😦 and it was a vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurant (check it out).
    • This time, there was a couple people there and coming in but we ended up leaving early because we were just tired. Later on snapchat, we found out the  cops shut it down because it got wild.

Day 4 (Sunday)

  • Sweet T’s
    • CHEAPEST FOOD ON THE ISLAND!!! We stopped here on our way to the beach. The chicken is 50 cents a piece so when you order, you can say “can I have $5 chicken” and they will give you 10 pieces. The same concept is with fries but I don’t know exactly how they know what $2 fries equal but that is what I ordered and I had a good amount. 
  • Sapodilla Bay Beach in Chalk Sound
    • This was another far location and I am sure it was the furthest we went. One of the bartenders invited us to come out because it is a lowkey beach with a nice vibe. He was not lying. They have a bar on the beach with all types of drinks. There were lots of jet skis, tents, and beach chairs available to rent. We were able to finesse a little package deal that included all three. The beach was real chill and not busy/crowded and the best part was watching the sunset. 
  • Lamont’s BBQ
    • This is hard for me to review because I was the only one to not get food here because I was just over the non-vegetarian friendly menus and the poorly cooked food. However, our bartender friend took us here because it supposedly had some really good food. I did taste my cousin’s rice and it was good AND cooked.

Overall, Turks & Caicos was great. The water is absolutely beautiful. There are a lot of run-down houses and the roads were ROCKY!!!! We did not go to ANY of the restaurants we initially planned to go so I will leave them here so you can check it out.

Note: Turks & Caicos has a SEVERE stray dogs problem to the point they have billboards around the country urging people to get their dogs neutered. The idea is if more dogs get neutered, it is less likely for it to be abandoned and then become a stray. This messed me up one morning when I was forced to go for an outdoor run since the gym at the AirBnB was broken. I didn’t even get 0.25 mile from the condo and I ran into three dogs barking at me crazy and one following me. I turned into a side street but come to find out, it was just the entryway into a hotel so then I am like, how do I get back to the AirBnb if those dogs were out there. I ended up going back out the entryway faced with two dogs but I avoid eye contact. The three dogs from before could hear me coming and they barking like crazy. One dog is on a leash connected to a gate and I swear it felt like it was going to take the gate with him just so he can take me on a chase.

Nonetheless, I would go back and give it another chance to see how I really feel about it.

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to leave a comment. I would be glad to answer them.

Check out my vlog of the trip. Let me know what you think. 


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