4 Best Social Media Management Tools

Let’s face it. Social Media is booming. There are approximately 3 billion people using social media so it only makes sense for all businesses and brands to be on there. Some people are able to manage their business’ social media while others need to outsource assistance. No matter which way the coin lands, we all can benefit from the use of some efficient social media management tools to help make life easier. Check out my list of 4 must-have social media management tools.

Canva is your FREE personal graphic designer. You can create content from scratch but it provides templates for every social media platform. What I love about Canva is that there are so many different options. I’m tired of those apps where they give you like 5-10 templates for free but you need to pay a fee to get more. Like, who is going to pay $3.99/wk for some templates? I’ll pass. What I love the most about Canva is that I can use it on my phone (and desktop). I can make my graphics in 10 minutes or less. Take a look at my Instagram and see the graphics I designed using Canva.  I advise you to download it today and start designing.

When I decided I wanted to start a YouTube channel, I wanted to use something that was FREE/CHEAP and had everything I needed in one. I started looking through YouTube videos to see what they were using and I stumbled upon VivaVideo. It’s an app you can download on your phone to edit your videos. They have every feature you would need, including gifs. Every video I have made on YouTube (not much) has been made using VivaVideo. I think I paid maybe $14.99, I’m not sure to be honest but it was worth it. Check out my YouTube channel to see how I used VivaVideo.

This app is PERFECT for creating content for your stories on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. It allows you to make user-friendly, eye-catching video stories that people love to see. I had to pay for the PRO so I can get access to all the templates and any new ones they may have to offer. I can’t remember how much I paid for it but it’s worth the price.

This app is used schedule Instagram posts for a later date/time but I use it as a content calendar. Instagram is not a fan of third-party apps so using Later (a third-party app) to schedule your posts to Instagram can mess up your analytics. So I use it to schedule all my posts and set up a notification for when I should go post it on Instagram. It requires a little time to get the schedule but it is worth it because it makes posting hassle-free since you have all the content already scheduled. This app is FREE and worth it. 

What social media management tools do you use? Did any of these make it on the list? If not, be sure to check these out and let me know how they go.



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