Today, I launched an e-commerce store called For Da Lo’ Warehouse. It was a play on words since my name is Lola people call me Lo and you can also get your products at a low cost from my store. For Da Lo’ Warehouse is an electronics, tech, gadget store. Think: BEST BUY OUTLET! 

I got tired of complaining about my life and decided to take the necessary steps to make some money. I have been researching ecommerce and dropshipping for months now. So much so, that I actually started a swimwear company at the beginning of the year but work and grad school had my hands full so I wasn’t invested in the company. Now that I am done with school and self-employed Full Time, I had no choice but to give all my time and energy to this new endeavor. 

I will be having an in-person workshop/training/class to help others in my predicament start their own store. Stay tuned for those details. In the meantime, check out my site, purchase something, and leave a review. Thanks in advance for the support.



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