Landing My First (RANDOM) Client

I couldn’t believe it when I got that first email saying:

I had to pinch myself because I thought I was dreaming. A random client? Really!

Let me start by saying that this is NOT my first client. I have had several clients and they were friends or friends of friends. This is the first client that I did not know from a can of paint. We do not have any mutual contacts. I have to assume that the client found me via Instagram which means the work I am putting in doesn’t go unnoticed. 

I’m forever grateful for this client and will always remember him as my first organic client. This post is a reminder to all entrepreneurs and small business owners to remain consistent and persistent, regardless of the outcome. Even when you feel like people see you and what you are doing. I remember feeling like this business I have is useless, just sounds good, and I will never make big bank. I have a bad habit of self-doubt so this client came in at the perfect time. My advice for you is to keep being you and doing your thang, regardless of who is watching.



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