How To Create Social Media Content?

A word that is literally getting beaten up in the digital world and I want to try my best to break it down for the everyday social media user.

Okay, so let’s start with defining what exactly is content. In simple terms, content is what you produce to share with others. When you post a picture or video from Beyoncé’s Coachella performance, you are providing the world with CONTENT! When you create an infographic on the importance of proper money management, you are providing the world with CONTENT! When you make a meme that goes viral, YOU ARE PROVIDING THE WORLD WITH CONTENT! If you haven’t realized it yet, just about anything can be considered content.

However, a struggle for many small business owners and entrepreneurs is figuring out what type of content to create and how to create it. I’m not talking about specific tools you plan on using, I’m talking about the thought process that leads you to those tools.

Your thought process should start like this:

  • what problem (in my niche) needs to be solved
  • what service or product do I provide that can solve that problem
  • how can I showcase the answer to those two questions

The answer to that last question “How can I showcase the answer to those two questions” is where you determine what type of content to make. When I say type, I mean photo, video, blog post, infographic, etc… You need to assess which one(s) you want to use. After that, you are free to release that content to the world.
Here’s a small example of this process in action. We’re going to use one of my businesses as an example because nothing is better than free exposure.

I have an online only electronics/gadgets store called For Da Lo’ Warehouse!

  • Problem in my niche that needs to be solvedEX: People want the latest and greatest in technology. Someone interested in being a vlogger but doesn’t have the necessary equipment.
  • Service/Product I provide to solve that problemEX: We sell tripods, mini cameras, goPROs, selfie-stick, etc..
  • Showcase answer to #1 and #2EX: Post a pic of someone using our tripod and how that helps them get good shots for their vlogs

In the example, you see that I was extremely specific in creating my content. I didn’t want to create anything, I needed to create what was specific to my audience. I had to put myself in my audience shoes and that’s what helped me figure out what to put out there.

Now Iet me just say, it does take a while to get used to creating content that is meaningful and can lead to sales if you are not used to doing that. But I’m here to tell you that it is possible. For some business owners, it does become tedious and they outsource it to others – people like myself – so they can focus on other things. Know your strengths and capitalize on them. Know your weaknesses and learn from them. Everyone has the capacity to create content.

Hopefully this post was able to provide you with a better understanding of creating content. If you didn’t realize it, this post is content that I created to share with the world — to share with YOU! Comment your thoughts and share this with someone who may need help in content creation.



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