Nobody Wins When The Family Feuds

Nowadays, it seems like everyone in the black community is starting a business and I frickin’ love it.

It’s time we realize that the 9-5 cannot be our only source of income. The rich stay rich because they’re making money a million different ways. All their eggs are not in one basket. But today’s blog isn’t about having multiple streams of income, it’s about the fact that… drumroll please…


I know, it sounds crazy but it’s not your family and friends job to purchase whatever product or service you offer. And just because they don’t purchase it, doesn’t mean they don’t support it.

In a perfect world, I would love for my family and friends to purchase my services AND promote my services to the masses … BECAUSE … well … we’re family and friends! Shouldn’t that be enough reason?! But what I learned in my own business is, family and friends DO NOT EQUAL client or promoter for that matter! As a social media manager, one of the first things I will ask you when working with you is “who is your target client” and “why”.

EXAMPLE: My mom doesn’t care much about social media aside from posting pictures on Facebook / Instagram and staying in touch with family. So me promoting my social media management services and trying to guilt her into paying me to manage her pages is ridiculous. Now could I ask her to promote my services to her peers, YES! Does she have to promote them, NO! Does this mean my mom doesn’t support my business, NO! The point is, she’s not my target client so me blowing a gasket because she’s not financially supporting the business by making a purchase or a repost is counterproductive.

As of October 2019, there are 7.7 billion people in the world. There are approximately 200 million businesses (including yours) in the world. Whether your product or service is catered to an individual personal or a company, your target client is out there so stop harassing and cutting off your family and friends because they don’t “support” the business the way you want. Don’t allow social media to limit the definition of support. Their support could be in the form of listening to you vent about your business woes or giving you money so you can pay for a logo or other business needs.

With that being, apologize to your family and friends for all the shade you were throwing them on social media about “supporting” you. Stop blaming them for your lackluster marketing skills and poor gross earnings and invest in your business so it can get promoted/endorsed the right way to your clients. They’re waiting on you!

Yours Truly,


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