Separate The Business From The Personal

The saying goes “don’t mix business with personal” and I want to highlight how that applies to social media.

Let’s start with the fact that I have two Instagram profiles: one for my business that I’ve had for a year now and a personal page that I’ve had going on 8 years.

My personal page is private and full of family and friends from elementary, middle, high school, and college. I absolutely love my personal page. Just about everyone I follow is someone I personally know or met through a mutual friend/family member. I post randomness and about my family/personal life because these people know me personally. Absolutely love it.

My business page is public and I follow other entrepreneurs and people in my niche as well as inspirational pages that constantly remind me to keep pushing on this journey of self-development & entrepreneurship because it does get better with time. I follow pages that advocate for mental health, physical fitness, and nutritional wellness. I have several friends on there from my personal page who support my solopreneur journey too. I post about my business, my brand, and myself but not as personally as I would on my other page.

My reasoning for creating two different pages is the simple fact that I want to keep my personal & private life, personal and private. Even my personal page is limited because I don’t share everything. Sometimes I feel like I share more on my business page because I’m creating a brand around my interests.

However, another reason I keep the two separate is because not everyone is interested in both worlds. I follow people that turn their personal page into their business page and I unfollow them IMMEDIATELY. I’m not interested in the product/service they are offering so I’m not interested in following them anymore. But if they kept the page personal and created a new business page, they wouldn’t have lost a follower.

Now I know what some of you are thinking, “I am my business” “I am my brand” and that is true. Back when I did radio, I remember my friend who came up with the show idea telling us that we need to create a radio identity. My radio personality was the female version of Charlamagne from The Breakfast Club. I was cut throat, raunchy, and had no filter. I created an alter ego to fit the radio show’s brand. I branded the heck out of that personality too. 

When people around campus overheard me talking outside of radio, they recognized my voice and said “you’re the prettymoneylola girl from GoodKnocking ” and I would bashfully answer “yea, that’s me”. They recognized the voice but not the character in front of them. The Lola outside of radio wasn’t as rambunctious. I was actually someone that preferred to stay lowkey and turn up in small, intimate settings with good people. I was giving the world two sides of the same person. Just think of it like Beyonce and Sasha Fierce. 

I find the same thing applies to starting a business. No one wants to see you selling T-shirts and then you posting a picture of your dog in the pool. It doesn’t make sense and you have to learn how to separate the two. If you currently have a personal page and considering starting a business, opt to make a separate page for the business for these two main reasons:

  • You don’t have to worry about what you post on your personal page because it is private and unavailable to the public
  • You know that everyone who follows your business page are actually interested in your business

Hopefully this gives you the nudge you need to separate the business from the personal. 

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