I Hosted My First Online Masterclass

First of all, what is a Masterclass?! 

On my quest to 7 streams of income before the end of 2020, I find myself immersed in books, articles, videos, podcasts, and social media posts all surrounded by entrepreneurs and business owners sharing their take on ways to make additional income. I love it honestly.

However, one thing I started to notice was the term MASTERCLASS being thrown around everywhere and how everyone was hosting them. Some would offer it for free while others charged a fee. If we’re being honest, it sounds like the final level of karate where you get your black belt.

I think I registered to attend a couple but my laziness got the best of me and I didn’t show up. However, I did attend one and felt like it was mostly smoke and mirrors so I labeled them all a joke. Since then, I just stood on the sidelines trying to figure out their purpose until a former business coach schooled me on the premise behind it all. 

Long Story Short: People host a masterclass to segway into their premium offer. 

So when I was creating my launch strategy for LOLA MGMT UNIVERSITY, I knew that I needed to host a masterclass to give people a sample of what my online school has to offer. 

As you may or may not know – which is kinda crazy if you don’t know because I talk about this in almost each of my blog posts and I share it on my Instagram often but whatever – I am an educator. Like, I taught for four years, took a sabbatical, and now I’m trying to get back in the classroom. I was also part of the number one rated college radio show in the state of Florida back in 2010-2013 so I had the opportunity to speak in front of hundreds and thousands of people at a time – not just on radio. With that being said, I am used to public speaking.

Yet, when it was time to develop this masterclass that I would have to present to absolute strangers because I did not know who would realistically attend, I lowkey panicked. Not big time though, which is great because I’m pretty dramatic. 

I set a goal to keep it intimate with 5 people (including myself). Let me just throw out there that I am not a fan of crowds. I like intimate group settings. I’m one of those people whose social battery will die out in public because I can only take big groups in small doses. It’s weird. I don’t know why. 

I made my powerpoint and decided to use Zoom as the platform in which I would host the class because it’s the only platform I know how to present with aside from Microsoft Teams. I created the Zoom link so people could register to attend and so I could get a good idea of how many people to expect. I lost a gasket when I saw that 15 people registered to attend. 

WOW! 15 people are interested in hearing what I have to say about Content Creation? Like really!? WHY?!!! I was doing that weird thing again where I have these real big visions and then I lowkey don’t believe I can attain them so I scare myself into thinking small. I know. I’m tryna do better with that. Forgive Me.

So my excitedly nervous ass did a run-through the day before and an hour before to make sure everything was smooth. I was geeked because my run-throughs went off without a hitch. Now it was showtime. 

May 22nd, 2020 5:55pm … I clicked Start This Meeting! I had my fresh Honey Chai Turmeric Tea. I had my Almonds just in case I got weak because I was so excited for the class that I only ate once the whole day lol. I know — CRAZY!!! I had my ring light on fleek so the lighting was perfectomundo!!! Is that even a word?! Yall, I was ready and you couldn’t tell me nothing.

The first person jumped on. I was like, should I let her in because it’ll only be us two and no one else? I really think too much if you haven’t noticed already lol. Let me wait a little for some more people. But after like 3-5 minutes, no one jumped on and I figured, this would be a good time to make sure my sound is working so I let her in. And then, it just went downhill from there.

She couldn’t hear. We played around with the sound and it just wasn’t working. Then someone else jumped in and they couldn’t hear me. And then my computer was freezing. Its’ an old Macbook Pro so I knew there was a possibility granny would get her panties in a bunch on game day. And finally, there was a ray of sunshine. They both could finally hear me – AFTER ALMOST A HALF HOUR WENT BY – and they were fine with starting with just them two. That’s right, out of the 15 that registered to attend, only 2 actually attended. We had introductions, we shared our business ventures, where we’re located and I began to share my story. I was like, OH KAY LOLA!!! You are doing the damn thang!

And then one of them said they couldn’t hear me anymore. And then the other one said they couldn’t hear me anymore. And I had no idea what was going on and my laptop just shut off completely and restarted and I was like … am I being Punk’d right now? Is this a dream that I just aint wake up from? NO LOLA!! This is real fxxking life. It’s actually my real fxxking life. I can’t make this up. LOL! Honestly, this story is just too good to make up. 

I finally was about to get back online AFTER ANOTHER ALMOST HALF HOUR WENT BY but my Zoom wasn’t working and one of the original people that was on before didn’t come back but two others did. So now I’m at 3 people in attendance. Okay. *cues ILoveMakonnen – Going Up On A Tuesday*. But as fast as one came in, that’s as fast as they left and we were back at two people. 

Since Zoom wasn’t working on my Macbook and there was no way to share my screen, one of the attendees suggested I just talk because “we want what’s inside your head” and I’m like … say less! Then, the creative in me had one more opportunity to get creative so I presented the powerpoint on my computer, put my phone on a tripod, and had the phone face the computer screen — makeshift screen sharing. 

And now I was back in the zone. I presented my powerpoint on Content Creation. I asked questions, I kept it engaging, and I received awesome feedback from the attendees. Most of all, they were so patient with me and I absolutely loved it. All the anxiety and aggravation that was in me was gone once I started talking. That’s how I knew I was in my element. That’s how I knew that regardless of how many people were in attendance – whether it be 2 or 20 – I executed a great masterclass.

So the moral of this story is:

  • Do it scared
  • Do it ill-prepared
  • Do it with no audience
  • Do it on a stage
  • Do it your way
  • Do it anyway

In the wise words of my favorite brand of sneakers 

Yours Truly,


1 thought on “I Hosted My First Online Masterclass”

  1. Great post. I am new to the business world and I had no idea what Masterclasses were for. I also knew some were free and others cost. I attended some classes myself and felt as if it was like being at a car dealership they show you all the perks and bam hers the sale.

    The big price $$$$. The price I cant afford. Not saying that the services aren’t great but not in my budget at this time.

    But I never felt a connection at the different Master Classes. Building rapport is really huge for me because if I like you I may buy it. If I don’t I probably won’t buy it.

    If your rude during a sale telling me I have the money, you don’t need to ask your spouse. Just do it. Its the best deal. I feel as if you’re not taking my finances and accountability of making the right choice a priority.

    But then I thought do salespeople even care?

    Some do care. That’s why I shop around and have every right too and should not feel bad if I don’t pick this Master Class why am I being shamed for it during the Master Class.

    Great post and realistic. Stay true.


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