Starting Over: Moving Into Adulthood

One of my favorite and most recent employers told me this and it has stuck with me ever since. I am a big advocate for STARTING OVER! I strive to never be “stuck in my ways” or “too proud to step back”. I believe if you continuously put yourself in a position to grow, you will always be in position to leap.

This past year was the craziest roller coaster I have ever been on and now, I am officially getting off that roller coaster, leaving the amusement park and off to my next adventure.

If you have been following my blog, you know that I am an Educator and took an involuntary sabbatical this past year teaching certification expired and I struggled to pass the exam. I took it 4 times and it had me questioning if this was even my purpose.

If you are in my inner circle of family and friends, you know that I have always wanted to leave Florida. Miami has been my home since 1990 and though I took an 8 year break from her at the ripe age of 17 to pursue a college education in Tampa, I returned home unwillingly.

While here these last 4 years, all I thought about was how I wished I wasn’t here. College introduced me to life outside of Miami and I started traveling which exposed me to life outside of Florida — outside the country really. So when I traveled, I would envision myself there. Every time I came back from a trip — whether it be from Washington, D.C. or Paris, France, the moving bug would bite heavily. When I spoke to my parents about potentially moving, they supported me wholeheartedly.

My dad has always instilled in me the concept that the opportunity to move or try something new may not always be available. He taught me that it is best to shoot your shot and if you miss, go back to the baseline and try again. To be honest, it is because of his support that I even went away for college. My mother was not having it lol. That is why I have that — LET’S DO IT — attitude because if it doesn’t work out, at least I tried and can start over from a more informed position.

That is when I took a leap of faith this summer and took Georgia’s teacher certification exam and I passed. The same day I passed, I applied to several schools and got a call the next morning to interview the following Monday. That Monday I interviewed and was offered & accepted a position. It happened so smoothly, it had me speechless like WOW, THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!

And just like that, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia this summer and will be a high school teacher. Teaching one of my favorite subjects, in a new school, in a new city, in a new state. It’s unreal honestly!

My advice for people who are scared to start over, ask yourself — WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE? Whether it works out or not, you have so much to gain.

Until next time,


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