Vlogging Tips For Beginners (with anxiety)

I am extremely open about my mental health as a creative and entrepreneur and how there are different things I need to do to nurture my mental health. One of my biggest struggles that I began to experience in the last few years is anxiety.

I don’t ever remember having anxiety when I was younger or even in undergrad and I don’t recall seeing anyone in my family battle with it but I knew things were getting bad for me when I started having panic attacks. I would get extremely anxious in public and would hyperventilate at the thought of someone even looking at me.

So when I decided to start vlogging, I was psyching myself out EVERYDAY because I just couldn’t fathom how vlogging and anxiety could coexist.

Anxiety is birth from the perceived fear that you don’t have things in control and that so much could potentially go wrong. But what if things could go right? It was then I learned that the biggest antidote to my anxiety was proper planning because it allows me to focus on what I can control.

If you are around me for a day, you’ll learn really quickly that I’m a type A personality, a perfectionist, and I plan out everything. I plan out my fitness workouts, I plan out my social media content, I plan out almost every conversation I have in my head before I actually have it. I’m the friend that everyone calls when they need to get their thoughts and life in order. Planning is me and I am planning.

So I took my planning skills and applied that to vlogging. With each vlog, I got better at planning and my anxiety decreased. I know I’m not the best vlogger out there and I don’t aspire to be. I just want to get better and better each day. And now I’m sharing tips that I believe will be beneficial to those of you who want to do the same but your anxiety is beating you up.

***please be advised that these tips are for people vlogging from their phones but it can be applied to those using cameras

Check Out These Vlogging Tips For Beginners

***in no particular order

(1) Invest in a mini handheld tripod to record on the go instead of a large tripod that garnishes lots of attention and requires more heavy lifting

  • One of the first tripods I bought was so small, no one knew I was vlogging. It was roughly the size of my phone and easy to bring everywhere which made vlogging smoother. It’s also real discreet so you can prop it on a checkout counter or restaurant table without drawing attention to yourself

(2) Plan out your vlogging day

  • If you know that today’s vlog is going to be “a day in the life” or “shopping for new furniture”, write that down (in your phone or notepad), write down all the places you plan to go, write down the time you plan to go and do all of this BEFORE you leave the house!
  • EX: Today’s Vlog — Shopping For Furniture | Stores: Home Goods, Badcock Home Furniture, Ashley Home Store, & Havertys Furniture | Starting @ 10am | Looking For: Sectional or Sofa & Loveseat, Coffee Table, Floor Lamp, Floor Mirror, Long Curtains

(3) Record an intro at the start of your vlogging day to set the tone for the vlog

  • You can do this in your house before you leave or in your car as you’re headed to your vlogging location
  • Just tell people who you are and what you plan on doing in today’s vlog so people can follow along
  • EX: Hey guys, welcome to my channel. Today, you’ll be tagging along with me as I shop for living room furniture for my new apartment.

(4) Write down what you want the end product to look like on video so you know what to record

  • Every story has a beginning, middle, and end. On a basic level, your vlog should start by telling us what you’re about to do, then it transitions to you showing us what you did, and then it closes out with your experience on what you did
  • Now you just have to visualize what that will look like on video (wide angle shots, pan shots, shots walking in and out the building, etc) so you can bring that to life AND it helps make editing WAAAAYYYYY easier because you shot exactly what you wanted/needed

(5) Record b-roll to help fill in the holes of your vlog

  • When recording a video/movie, you have something called A-roll (the main focus of the video/movie which is you talking directly to the camera) and B-roll (extra scenes to fill in the gaps that consists of shots of your day/experience). You see this a lot in movies — shots of randomness like the city until it focuses on the main characters that are having a conversation
  • EX: if you’re doing a “shopping for furniture” vlog, your b-roll can be a snippet of you entering the store, a pan of the entire store, some quick shots of different furniture, some shots of you checking out, a sneak peek at the receipt —— all of that consists of b-roll footage

(6) Record an outro at the end of your vlogging day to wrap up the whole point

  • Don’t leave viewers hanging. Just like in any movie/story, we need a conclusion. Give us a review of your day and tell us to comment our thoughts on your video. You can record this in your car on the way home from your vlogging day or at home.
  • EX: Alrighty guys, thank you for tagging along with me today. I’ll be leaving all the details of what I purchased in the description. Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe. Until next time.

(7) Turn on the camera and take a few deep breaths before speaking

  • This will help to calm your nerves and when you’re ready, start talking since the camera is already on and recording.

(8) Make it a habit to NOT look around before you speak

  • When you start looking around, you’ll find yourself nervous because you’ve made contact with people. Just turn on your camera and start shooting.

I hope this was able to help someone out there with their anxiety and their vlogging journey. Let me know what you guys think in the comments.



1 thought on “Vlogging Tips For Beginners (with anxiety)”

  1. Maybe planning more thoroughly will help combat my perfectionism 🤔 .

    My favorite one is #8 don’t look around before you speak. That’s a good tip! I would definitely psych myself out before even starting by focusing on those around me.


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