Traveling To Mexico In A Pandemic

In February 2021, I went on a girls trip to Cancun, Mexico to celebrate my friend’s 30th birthday. I do plan on dropping a vlog with all the good footage so go ahead and subscribe to my youtube channel for a notification when it drops but for now, this blog with all the details will suffice.

First and foremost, I want to highlight the travel agent that put this entire trip together — Wyntiana Fleury of My Royal Escapade. I typically plan all my trips so to finally go on a trip where the planning was out of my hands was great. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in planning a trip. 

Secondly, let me preface this with the fact that I know, you know, we all know that we’re in the midst of a panoramic (spelled that way on purpose) and that COVID-19 is as serious as serious gets so please keep the “you’re the part of the problem” comments to yourself. Now that we got that out the way, let’s get to the details.

Where Did We Stay?

We stayed at the beautiful Hotel Riu Costa Mujeres ALL INCLUSIVE resort in Cancun, Mexico. I thoroughly enjoyed this resort. It was not packed or even at 50% capacity so there were never any crowds. The staff was friendly and a good bit of them spoke English but I loved how I was able to practice my Spanish with everyone there. I saw the environmental crew cleaning and sanitizing daily — especially the patio chairs at the pool. The resort was about an hour away from Cancun International Airport. I would definitely go back there and stay longer.

What Activities Did We Do?

We were there for a short time so we had back to back activities lined up.

  1. ATV, Zipline, & Cenote Swim
    • ONLY $55 USD per person / Lunch & Transportation Included
      • The lunch was 3 tacos of your choice but that wasn’t enough for me after a long adventurous day so I ordered another 3 tacos for $7 and I ordered nachos (with cheese, beans, sour cream, guac, pico). I don’t remember how much I spent on nachos but I believe I spent a total of $20 on food in total — including 2 bottles of water for $2 each.
    • Photos are based on how many people are in your group/party
      • $87 USD for a group of 4 so we split the cost evenly amongst each other
    • Honest Review
      • Cenote
        • I absolutely loved this. I never jumped off a cliff or zipline into water so it was great doing this for the first time. The water wasn’t that deep, maybe 15 feet, and I was such a beautiful blue. I wish that I went in with my phone to capture what was happening underwater.
      • Zipline
        • I have done my fair share of ziplining and the best ones I have been on so far were in Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. I was not a fan of these ziplines because (1) you’re not allowed to bring your phone with you so you couldn’t get your own footage, (2) the distance from where you get on and get off the zipline were fairly short, and (3) the ziplines were pretty close to the ground. I’m not a big fan of heights but since the other ziplines I have been on had me in the clouds (that’s an exaggeration of course), these lines had me feel like I was on the kiddie rides at Disney. I think this works best for those who have never ziplined before and want to try something light. I would also note that there is one line that you’re required to start upside down on that was pretty cool.
      • ATV
        • By far, the best ATV experience I have ever had. If you’re a 90s baby and a PlayStation junkie, then you probably had the game “ATV OffRoad Fury” and this ATV experience was EXACTLY as it was in that video game. The terrain was so rugged that it felt like I was auditioning for an ATV competition. You have the option for a two seater or one seater — I regret not getting the one seater. I would’ve went faster and probably wiped out but for the love of riding, I’d do it.
Photos By: Extreme Adventure Cancun
  1. Kukulcan Blvd or “Hotel Zone”
    • It’s home of Mexico’s nightlife [and daylife from what I heard]. Think Miami’s South Beach strip.
    • It’s filled with hotels, bars, clubs (strip clubs too), and vendors selling all types of things
      • To sit on the couches on the strip, you have to buy a bottle. We didn’t take advantage of that because one night, we got drinks before we went down the strip and the other night, we got a bottle inside the club.
    • We went to El Andariego NightClub two nights in a row, went to Fat Tuesdays for drinks, and we ate the best tacos in the world at Ah Barbaro.
      • One thing I loved about El Andariego was the fact that the music the DJ was playing was actually projected on a large screen with the music video playing. The DJ was extremely versatile playing music from all over the world and genres — Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Caribbean, Latino, Afrobeats, 90s. That’s why we went there two nights in a row. 
      • I do want to point out that the drinks my friend and I had at Fat Tuesdays did not have alcohol in them. We were punk’d! I was waiting the whole night for the alcohol to start making its appearance and it never did.
    • On both nights at El Andariego, we went on this platform where Go-Go Dancers perform so we can socially distance from everyone. The club was packed and I was not trying to rub sweat with anyone.
  2. Parasailing & JetSkis
    • Parasailing $65 USD
    • I decided to do Jet Skiing last minute and that was $60 USD for 30 minutes
    • Parasailing Photos $50 Jet Skiing Photos $40 (I got a deal on the jet ski pics)
    • Honest Review
      • This was my second time going parasailing and I loved it. The views were amazing. I think we were up in the air 10-15 minutes but when you’re that high up, it feels like forever. It was pretty cool that they had GoPro camera recording video footage and they gave it to me when I purchased the photos. I didn’t realize I spent $215 on this whole experience until I wrote this blog. WOW! I definitely was blowing money fast.
Photos By Total Snorkel Cancun

What Were The COVID Travel Protocols In Mexico?

As of January 26th, 2021, the CDC mandated that everyone traveling to the USA needs to come with a negative COVID test result. The resort we stayed at offered FREE COVID testing — many of the major resorts/hotels in Cancun offer it to their guests. When we checked in, we scheduled an appointment to get tested for the next day since we had to show a negative COVID test result within 72 hours or less of our return flight. There’s a site that provides specific information for travelers to and from Mexico during the pandemic.

At the resort and wherever we went, people had on masks (except on Kukulcan Blvd) so that gave some type of comfort. Just about everywhere we went, they gave us hand sanitizer before we entered their vans or their place of business. 

Before we knew it, we were back home in Florida. Like I said earlier, a full vlog recap of the trip will be available on my YouTube channel shortly but I’ll leave you with this teaser video (make sure your sound is on). Check it out.

Until next time,


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