Goodbye WordPress

Dear Subscribers,

It has come to that time where I have to part ways with WordPress. If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that I haven’t been active on here and that’s because I took my talents to Wix.

It was a tough but necessary decision. I absolutely love WordPress for blogging but Wix allows me to do so much more and easily integrates with other platforms I use so I had to finally cut the umbilical cord and do what’s best for me in this season.

You can now find me on www.lolathemanager.com where I sell entrepreneurship merch, provide services (business & social media consulting), manage short term rentals, and blog. I will say that WordPress Blog beats Wix Blog by infinity. Like, I am definitely going to miss out on the gifs that WordPress allows me to seamlessly embed in all my posts but it’s a small loss I am willing to take since everything else works so well.

And because I am leaving you, I could not leave without giving you something.

Check out my new blog and use the code WORDPRESS to get 20% OFF my merch. Code Expires 7/31/2021. I am giving you this peace-offering in hopes that you join me on this Wix journey. This is also the date that this blog will be deactivated and scrubbed from Al Gore’s internet.

You can still stay in contact with me via Instagram. I use that platform more than anything else and it connects to everything I do.

Love, Peace, & Hair Grease,


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