My Experience Selling On Teachers Pay Teachers

Just about every teacher knows about Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) but if you don’t, it is an online marketplace for teachers to buy and sell original educational material. My introduction to TPT was in 2015 during my first year teaching. I learned really quickly to work smarter by utilizing already created material instead of making new material.

TPT made my first year as a teacher a breeze. Since I was teaching 2nd grade, I taught multiple subjects — Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. I would look at the district’s pacing guide each week to see what we should be working on and look for it on TPT. When I tell you every single lesson I needed was on that platform, EVERY SINGLE ONE!

Unfortunately, when I moved on to teaching middle and high school, there were not as many, if any, lesson plans available on TPT for me to use so now I had to start working harder. I was literally making lesson plans and resources every week. With the pandemic forcing schools to go virtual, TPT started to gain more traction because people needed digital resources. 

During the 2020-2021 school year, I had the pleasure of teaching 12th-grade Economics virtually and of course, TPT had nothing for me to work with. The beauty of teaching high school Economics is that it is a half-credit course compared to something like Algebra that is a whole credit. To put this into perspective, a student taking Economics is typically taking it for half a school year (Fall or Spring) whereas a student taking Algebra is taking it for an entire school year (Fall and Spring). 

As the teacher, that means I am teaching one set of students in the Fall and another set of students in the Spring. So in order to make my year smooth, I had to create instructional videos and digital resources for my students during the Fall and then reuse that same content in the Spring. This was definitely the easiest school year I have ever had.

Fast forward to the end of 2020, I was thinking of ways to make money that did not require me to create something new or invest money. I saw people promoting digital courses and I remembered that I literally just created a digital Economics course that I can put on TPT. So I listed my course there.

I got my first sale on 10/15/2020 and that was the only sale in 2020. I will say that I didn’t post all the resources at the time. I was testing the water so I just posted 1 part (unit 1) of the course. Then Spring 2021 came around and I posted another part of the course (unit 2). That led to two sales in March 2021. I was done teaching by the end of April so I posted the rest of the course online and sales picked up in the summer right before the new school year but not much. 

In short, I have not seen much fruit on here and I don’t know if that’s because the quality of the content isn’t great or there isn’t much of a market for it but I will definitely keep my products there. I have no intentions of creating anything new to add on there but I will continue to monitor how things go.

So if you’re an Economics teacher OR you’re studying Economics for a class, I highly recommend you check out my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

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