The Opportunity That Almost Killed Me

This is a story about how the opportunity of a lifetime almost killed me. Have a seat while I start from the beginning.

As you know, I wear multiple hats but for the sake of today’s write up, we’ll narrow them down to serial entrepreneur and project manager.

This summer, my consulting firm hired our first group of high school interns for a 5-week micro internship where they learn digital marketing, web design + development (UI/UX), and gain workplace experience. It’s been amazing nonetheless and I’ll do a write on the whole experience when it’s over.

In addition to that, I am managing a team on the west coast as we build a mobile app prototype to help high school students and their parents navigate the college financial aid experience. This is my second time building a mobile app prototype and I can’t wait to offer that service via LOLA MGMT.

Now, I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea to start a full time project manager contract the same time I am running a internship pilot program but I can sum it up with one reason — THE BIGGER PICTURE!

This pilot program is something I plan to develop into its own entity that gets funded by grants to truly aid high schoolers + college aged young adults with getting real workplace experience and tech certifications that allow them to start their own businesses and/or give them a fair shot in today’s workforce.

The mobile app prototype project positions me to provide this service to startups and potentially reach those same interns to build those prototypes themselves. So you see, I’m doing all this for something bigger than me and though it gets overwhelming and I’m working 15 hour days, it will be worth it in the end.

Now I know you’re reading this and you’re like, this sounds amazing so how did it almost kill her. Well, now it’s time to insert one of my lucrative businesses — a 360 Photo Booth company based in South Florida and Atlanta called Luxury Lens 360.

For those that don’t know what a 360 Photo Booth is, it’s a Photo Booth that people can stand on with a camera that spins around them — in 360 — and generates a slomo video. Take a look at a before and after below.


It’s pretty cool right? I know. So Luxury Lens 360 was booked — last minute — for Miami Swim Week 2022. When I say last minute, I mean, I was contacted on a Tuesday to service 5 events over the course of 4 days starting Thursday.

As excited as I was for this opportunity, I knew this was going to be hectic because my business partner was out of town and our new Operations Manager hasn’t been fully trained so now I have to take on a third project on top of my super busy schedule. For the next 6 days, I had no sleep.

I had to make sure I was present for my prototype team, present for my interns, and present for Miami Swim Week especially when we realized we would be short staffed for one event so I had to step up and work it myself.

And though everything went off without a hitch, I knew that I’d be on my way to the 3rd heavens if I didn’t get some rest. Yet, I pushed myself to continue showing up for my teams for the bigger picture. Unfortunately, that almost killed me.

A day after the most hectic week of my life, I felt my body saying “take a break”. I didn’t listen and pushed through the discomfort in the name of the bigger picture. The day after that, I started to lose my voice with a horrible sore throat, my head throbbed like it was recovering from a Travis Scott concert, and my body was aching in a way I’ve never experienced. It’s hard to explain but it was as if my skin became sensitive and anything my body touched — something as simple as the bed to lay down or a chair to sit up in — sent my body into a frenzy. Everything hurt. And I had no strength to walk, let alone roll over in bed.

Yes, it was THAT intense. As I write this from the discomfort of my bed, I felt it was necessary to highlight what entrepreneurs go through behind the scenes. Oftentimes, you only see the end result but you don’t see the detriment to our health and/or personal lives. When I posted on Instagram about the opportunity to be a Miami Swim Week sponsor, everyone congratulated me not knowing I was sinking into what feels like a coma. My message to fellow Entrepreneurs is to be gentle to yourself. The world needs us and if we’re not at optimal health, nothing we do will truly be great.

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One response to “The Opportunity That Almost Killed Me”

  1. Alexus Roberts Avatar

    Love this blog! Showing the real side on entrepreneurship is so important. We have to prioritize rest. Congrats on everything!

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One response to “The Opportunity That Almost Killed Me”

  1. Alexus Roberts Avatar

    Love this blog! Showing the real side on entrepreneurship is so important. We have to prioritize rest. Congrats on everything!

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