2 Great Alternative Jobs For Teachers

This blog post is dedicated to all the K12 teachers that have reached their wits end and are ready to leave the classroom — or maybe education as a whole.

If you have been teaching for a while, you’re probably asking yourself “what can I do that doesn’t require me to go back to school” and I’m here to tell you there are two ways to make your exit and guess what?? You’re going to make more money doing it.

The first way you can transition out of education is through Instructional Design (ID). An instructional designer is someone that can build out courses on different platforms. If you’ve used platforms like Canvas, Blackboard, or even Google Classroom, you’ve executed instructional design. The best part about it is, you don’t have to go back to school to do this as a career. Simply take all the amazing PowerPoints and lectures you’ve created over the years, create an online portfolio using Google Sites showcasing that work, and start applying for those ID roles.

The second way you can transition out of education is through Project Management. A project manager is someone that manages a project from beginning to end. As an educator, you have facilitated more projects than you can count. For example, you probably signed up to spearhead the annual Homecoming Dance at your school. From the moment you were given that task until the dance is over, that is considered a project. Whether it took 1 month to plan or 3 months to plan, it’s a project nonetheless. And though this doesn’t require you to go back to school, you do need to take a certification exam. However, trust me when I say this, the project management certification (PMP) is the holy grail of all certifications because you can get a job ANYWHERE in any industry. So I advise you to take a look at all the projects you’ve completed over the years, create a portfolio on Google Sites showcasing what you have done, and start applying to those PM roles.

Here at LOLA MGMT, we offer both instructional design services where we build out courses for those that simply want to focus on content and project management services for business owners that want to focus on their talents while we manage behind the scenes.

If anything, being a teacher gives you a great advantage when wanting to transition. You get to have both of these opportunities laid out right infront of you, so I’ll tell you now that you shouldn’t be afraid because you can now make. your. WAY!!

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