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This has been in the works for the last two months and I am excited to finally announce my new partnership with Miami-Dade County Public Schools this summer.

If you’re new here, I am a serial entrepreneur and my first business was a consulting firm. It initially started off as educational consulting because of (1) my teaching experience, (2) my pursuit of my Masters in Education degree, and (3) my desire to truly help high schoolers figure out their next steps post-high school.

I pivoted into business consulting the more I dived into my business ventures and helped my own peers with launching their businesses. So I help entrepreneurs with all things business – business planning, entity formation, project management, and marketing to say the least. Of all my businesses, this was probably the one I promoted the least because it required active engagement from me but I was working full-time and that took priority.

However, when I went into full-time entrepreneurship in August 2022, I began to immerse myself in business consulting and I actually have Google Reviews to advocate for my greatness. 

Now with that said, I still have a passion for today’s youth so I decided to start hiring interns to (1) help them gain professional skills and experience that they will need for future employers and (2) help do things in my business that will alleviate some of the stress I have from doing it all by myself. In the planning and preparation of creating my own internship program, I started to feel overwhelmed as the reality of how much I had on my plate was hitting me. The idea sounded good but now the weight of what is needed for it to thrive felt like it was not possible.

And then while I was researching how to start my own program, I found out that my old school district (M-DCPS) was looking for local businesses interested in hiring interns for the summer. When I tell yall I screamed, I screamed because it felt like a weight lifted. Instead of building something from scratch, I could be part of something that is already established and learn from it.

And that is how we got here. This summer, I will be hiring 10 Miami-Dade County Public School students to intern with my business consulting firm. They will be learning about eCommerce, Web Design & Development (UI/UX), Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, and Video Editing. I am excited to teach them these skills and aid in their professional development. 

If you know any M-DCPS high school students that could benefit from an internship, have them go to

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Life After Grad School


I feel like sh*t!

So, I just finished my Masters Degree in Career and Technical Education last month (graduation is in December) and though I am excited about this accomplishment, I hate the situation I am in. Please note that I said situation and not life or myself. I love life. I love myself. It’s just this situation that has me on edge but I know I will get through it. So before you say you hate your life, re-evaluate and see if it is just a situation that feels overwhelming and then seek counsel or hope to overcome it. 


So, let’s start with undergrad. I went to college two weeks after my high school graduation because a CAP Advisor at our school reached out to me 6 months before graduation to talk about my options. Before then, my goal was just to graduate high school. That was always the goal. Never really thought much about life after – even though I kept telling people I wanted to be a “kids doctor.” I didn’t realize that I needed more education to achieve that lofty goal lol. 

Anywho, I started to explore post-high school options and ended up at the University of South Florida majoring in Biomedical Sciences. Long story short, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences with concentrations in Criminology and Sociology. 

I know what you’re thinking — What Happened?! It’s too much to share in a blog but I can say that I never really had the opportunity to explore my true self and interests and just graduated so I can say that I did. I am one of those people who has to finish what she starts. But one thing’s for sure, I always knew that I wanted to work with youth in some capacity.


I ended up becoming a teacher two years after I graduated and taught for four years. I loved the students I got to work with but I quickly realized that I am not a fan of the stuff being taught in the classrooms. I wish I could teach real life content. Things that students can use in the real world and things that can adequately prepare them for life post-high school. Like filing taxes, taking out loans, creating budgets, choosing the right major, time management, entrepreneurship, taking advantage of scholarships, economy trends, investing, retirement, etc. I did not want my students to be as confused as I was when I graduated with no type of plan in place. 

I knew that I needed to go back to school if I wanted to move up in Education and I started out in a Masters in School Counseling program at Capella University. The idea behind this was that I could become a Guidance Counselor so I can give my students the tools they need to be successful. However, I noticed that what I see counselors do in the real world compared to what the program says they should do is completely different. So I allowed disappointment to lead me to settle for a certificate in Mental Health from Capella University to pursue a Masters in Educational Leadership. Life hit me hard and I failed my first course with a D. At that point, I felt useless but somehow, found some type of hope in Concordia University’s Masters in Career and Technical Education program. 


Now today, I can say that I absolutely loved my Master’s program. I believe that it prepared me for a future in Career and Technical Education especially since that is the way society and education is moving. However, I can’t find a job to save my life and I am trying my hardest not to fall back into the black hole I was in for the last three years. 

No one prepares you for the post-grad school saga of YOU MAY NOT FIND A JOB WITH THIS NEW DEGREE!! I remember applying for jobs in college and they all so desperately required a Bachelor’s Degree. Then after graduation, it appeared that all these jobs require a Master’s Degree. And now that I have both, employers are saying that we don’t even care about your degree and you really need to find someone who works here, be their friend, and then maybe they can get you in. 

I am constantly fighting this rollercoaster of post-grad school emotions. Sometimes I feel empowered. Other times I feel worthless. Sometimes I feel like a pillar in my family. Other times I feel pathetic. It’s tough. I have applied to 700+ jobs on Indeed. I’ve applied to hundreds of jobs on LinkedIn and Glassdoor. I can barely get interviews. I even got my resume professionally critiqued and edited. I’ve applied to positions that have nothing to do with my degrees because I am that desperate. I have applied to jobs in my city, state, and even across the U.S. I have reached out to friends and family from all over asking them to see what they can do and I got nothing. Most recently, I had my mom try to get my the Events Manager position at the hotel she works at and apparently, they just implemented a new policy where family members cannot work at the same hotel. She was shocked. I was unbothered because I have received so many rejections in the past 3.5 months that if I were to get an offer, I would be confused.

I say all that to say, as crazy as my situation is, I still believe that something is out there. That God is curating the best possible position for me but I just can’t get to it yet. I have to trust the process because this is the season that allows me to grow. End results are nice but the training you get on your way to the end results are what matter most. So in the meantime, I channel my energy in this blog and business. And I share this because people tend to only highlight the journey AFTER they have made it to their destination but I want to keep it 100 the whole way through.